Mission Complete: Digital Processes Presentation

So here is the culmination of class efforts. Today, I gave the presentation on my collaborative and experimental works entitled: An Exquisite Cycle. I was described on the program with this Haiku: Video and Sound
conceptions of life and death
I think that was a pretty fair assessment to give the audience an idea of what to expect. I have to say that I am rather pleased with the way everything turned out. I ended up producing my first book, an accompanying DVD featuring four music videos and an extra song with outtakes and deleted scenes besides. Most of this content can be seen or purchased online from various websites and are also linked to my website. In the end I think this is a very good product for sale and enough content to make me satisfied that I accomplished a lot this term even though it seems to have gone by too fast. I have uploaded some things to Youtube also. Here you can see one of the music motion pictures I showed at the event and another that did not appear. The totality is on the DVD that I am selling to those interested with or without a copy of the book. For an even more modest sum, I will send mp3's or a cd of all 5 songs that came out of this project. Those interested need only contact me for details. I haven't sold much yet, but a lot of people have expressed interest and I got more compliments on my work than I expected. Hopefully, I continue making videos and music in the future as part of my art.

Until Later,


"Because it's two in the morning...and my eyes are spread wide open" -Atomship


  1. Do you really think the mission is accomplished though?

  2. Well, at least the first phase of the mission, I mean maybe none of this will be over until the robots ascend to dominance and try to force us underground. One mission is a small part of the overall war I guess.

  3. Your project was ambitious with the multiple videos, book and music. You used the digital medium as fully as possible in just 10 weeks. We feel your videos would be more accessible if you cut the run time to 1.5 minutes each. Unfortunately, attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter and keeping it short is a good way to keep eye balls glued. Keeping it short is harder than letting it go on too long. Hard pill to swallow for us all. You definitely have an aesthetic developing through all of this.